Vallejo Parent Nursery School and American Canyon Co-op Preschool provides a creative play-based environment with arts & crafts, music, stories, and both indoor and outdoor play under competent supervision, while preparing children for kindergarten.

Through play children are encouraged to be curious, to observe and begin to understand the world in which they live. Children are building their social emotional skills, empathy, kindness and compassion while interacting with peers and other adults.  Learing to communicate and collaborate with other students, adults and teachers makes them better prepared for kindergarten and the world beyond.

A Day in the Life of a VPNS/ACCP student

Watch this video to see what a typical day looks like at VPNS.

Family Participation

Co-op    (not available for 2021/22 school year)
  • General meetings: attend on the 1st Tuesday of the month of Sept, Oct, Dec, Mar, Apr and May, at 7:00PM. Please do not bring children.
  • Work in classroom: 3-5 days a month during your child's scheduled class time. Show up 5 minutes before class starts, support teacher as needed, and perform a cleaning job.  
  • "Spring" cleaning: carry out cleaning duties one time per year during your scheduled week during school hours. Takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. You have one week to complete the workload. (VPNS site only)
  • Family service hours: Volunteer for service opportunities, and log at least 4 hours of service per semester (8 hours total per year). (VPNS site only)
  • Fundraising: participation in fundraising efforts is encouraged, but not required. 
  • Note: ACCP families are not required to complete "spring" cleaning or service hours. 

2nd Tier
  • General meetings: not required
  • Work in classroom: not required.
  • "Spring" cleaning: not required.
  • Parent service hours: not required.
  • Fundraising: participation in fundraising efforts is encouraged, but not required. 


The preschools calendar closely follows the traditional School District schedule from September to June, including vacations and holidays.

500 Amador Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
(707) 644-7576

60 Benton Way
American Canyon, CA 94503
(707) 980-0165